Request for sweepstakes licenses

Lucky Hub Co., Ltd. offers permission to draw lucky draws, sweepstakes draws, request for sweepstakes licenses, ask for permission to draw lucky draws, which we provide from the consultation process. Preparation of documents and information until the process of obtaining a license number

Preparing for licenses, raffle draws, lucky draws
set how to play

  • program start date / program end date / date, time, prize draw place
  • Prize Details (Value / Amount)
  • Procedures to apply for permission to draw prizes, sweepstakes
  • Your company scans the documents that have been prepared. send information online to check the accuracy
  • Your company pays all service fees to Lucky Hub according to the quotation.
  • Lucky Hub processes documents, statements in testimony and sends them to you for review.
  • Lucky Hub sends a messenger to pick up documents according to number 1 and number 2 from your company. with a receipt/tax invoice and license fee deposit
  • receipt as evidence
  • Lucky Hub proceeds to submit documents to relevant agencies. The processing period is not more than 20 working days. Once the license is received, the license will be sent to your company. By special express mail (EMS)

Contact for permission to draw lucky draws, draw lucky draws, request a license to draw lucky draws, ask for permission to draw lucky draws

Call 081-674-8888 Khun Golf or add Line 0816748888

Our licensing, lottery, sweepstakes services include

  • Give advice on how to organize sweepstakes activities, playing rules, judging criteria, ways to join in the fun in various ways.
  • Consultation on PO Box rental, SMS system usage, parts delivery, coupons, and posting on Social and various formats.
  • Prize delivery service in the group of package tours, resorts, gold, mobile phones, smartphones, computers, notebooks. and IT products at special prices
  • Advertising media production services, making advertising spots, including TV, radio, online media, including promotion via SMS according to your budget and marketing plan.
  • Providing services for the prize draw place, prize draw equipment, prize box or pick-up truck, operating MC and scooper
  • Witness service according to the framework and regulations of the law
  • Lucky winner announcement service in various media
  • Nationwide license application service

However, you can study the information from this article before making a decision to use our service and for your own benefit.

  • SMS…the kind that doesn’t require permission
  • For the type of marketing, “Send an SMS, everyone is guaranteed to receive a prize, don’t worry, there is no random giveaway” like this, you don’t need to ask for permission from the staff. Just have to follow the Ministerial Regulation No. 5 (B.E. 2534) of promotional advertising. In the Consumer Protection Act, it is stated that The following details must be specified:
  • Specify criteria, methods, conditions or requirements for giving gifts or benefits. (Including informing how much SMS is sent per time, such as 3 baht, 5 baht, 10 baht or 20 baht)
  • Specify the date, month, year of the beginning and end of the provision of the giveaway or the granting of rights or benefits.
  • Specify the type, nature and value of the freebies. individual benefits or the total value of each category Unless the giveaway or privilege or benefit is something of value that consumers may generally be aware of. The value may not be specified. such as free gifts, general consumer goods You don’t have to specify the value in the ad. But if it is something that is not commonly traded or not widely traded, for example, giving away 1 diamond necklace or 1 luxury bag, 1 motorcycle, 1 house, etc., the value must be specified in the advertisement.
  • Specify the area or area where the giveaway is arranged. give benefits without giving
  • Identify a location that allows consumers to pick up free gifts or benefits.

Random distribution, gambling, lottery by sending SMS or writing names, addresses that require permission.

For having a prize given to the sender of the SMS with a random giveaway, such as all sent to give away just 1 house or 1 car or 10 mobile phones like this, the Advertising Committee of Aug. B. . Interpret that it should be in the nature of gambling Because those who send SMS come in are at risk of losing benefits. (For example, it may be sent more than 100 times, etc.), therefore, in the case of random prize draws from those who send SMS, the business operator must obtain permission from the official under the law on gambling before proceeding.

In addition to specifying complete details as required by the Ministerial Regulation No. 5 (B.E. 2534) of promotional advertising in the Consumer Protection Act, B.E. 2522, similar to sending SMS without randomly distributed Business operators must comply with Order of the Ministry of Interior (No. 0307.2/Wor. 2384 dated 28 July 2005), which the Minister of Interior organized Scope, method, style of play person who has the right to ask for permission And conditions that will provide rewards by gambling by any means in the business of trade or occupation under Section 8 of the Gambling Act, B.E. 2478 that uses only methods SMS messaging or by phone through various numbering systems or any other method available Similar characteristics in guessing the answer to the problem Or express your opinion to win prizes as follows:

Arranging freebies or prizes by gambling by means of sending SMS messages or via telephone through various number systems. or any other similar method for guessing the answer Problems or comments to win prizes, use the method of playing by Type the number of the messenger who participated in the program and draw lots according to the date, time and place specified in the license. There must be a credible witness to be a witness to check the lottery and lottery every time. As for other methods of playing, it is strictly forbidden to allow and allow Make a report on the information of the awardees to notify the licensing officer as soon as possible and include the name-surname, address of the awardee. along with the signatures of witnesses who witnessed the lottery every time
Your reward must state that What is it, what is the price, and